Friday, March 24


Academic methodological association

is teachers’ association of one or several close areas of competence.

First of all, teachers are engaged in methodical work:

– development of a private subject technique;

– discussion of various know-how, methods, forms, techniques, technologies of training and education on relevant topics.

Mission of methodical association: quality assurance in education, innovation efficiency by collective searching and checking, working off and implementation of the top traditional and new models of pedagogical activities, mutual professional communication, sharing experiences, development of unified approaches, criteria, regulations and requirements to learning outcomes assessment.

Main work forms of methodical association:

– meetings;

– discussion of current problems;

– overview of scientific and methodical literature innovations;

– preparation, holding of conferences, seminars, round tables;

– methodical study of teachers;

– methodological support services.

Methodological association:

– does analysis of educational process outcomes;

– makes recommendations about content changes and structures of training courses and educational programs;

– makes proposals on staff assessment;

– makes decisions on preparation the guidelines for teachers and students;

– develops guidelines for teachers, manages their acquisition;

– develops guidelines for students;

– manages methodical seminars for teachers;

– takes part in the organizing and developing of research and experimental work content.